Dr. Elliot Heng Fook Juan

2021 graduate of MAHSA University with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree, is a unique blend of dentist and dental technician. His fascination with material science and crafting dental prosthesis, particularly ceramics and 3D printed hybrid ceramics, sets him apart in the field.

During his government service at Klinik Pergigian Ranau, Dr. Elliot seized the opportunity to innovate by introducing 3D Printed Dentures and custom orthodontic/aesthetic appliances, showcasing his commitment to embracing dental advancements and bringing cutting-edge solutions to the community.

Dr. Elliot’s dedication to continuous learning is evident in his successful completion of the Straumann Implant Induction Course held by Ancora Imparo in 2022. Additionally, he completed his basic orthodontics training under the guidance of Dr. Matthew Hong in 2023. These achievements reflect his ongoing commitment to expanding his skill set and staying at the forefront of his field.

With formal digital training from the Institute of Digital Dentistry (iDD), he excels in digitally guided implant surgery planning, crown and denture design, and CAD/CAM technology, positioning himself as a pioneer at the intersection of dentistry and technology.

Dr. Elliot firmly believes in staying up-to-date with technological advances to provide patients with optimal treatments, viewing it as both a professional duty and moral commitment.

Beyond dentistry, he’s a Stoicism advocate, a Calisthenics enthusiast, a multi-instrument musician, and a digital technology enthusiast. Dr. Elliot Heng Fook Juan is not just a dentist; he’s a visionary innovator dedicated to enhancing dental artistry through technology while pursuing holistic personal growth.