Dental Surgeon

Dr Foong


Dr. Foong is from Kuala Lumpur and currently a locum dentist in our clinic. He is known to be benevolent and convinced in providing holistic dental treatment as he believes dentistry creates values and impact in ones life apart from a perfect smile. He takes priority in providing painless and cost effective treatment options for his patients.

Dr.Foong is a graduate from Manipal University with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree. He is a dedicated dentist with special interest in tooth whitening, restorative cosmetic and orthodontic dentistry. Being committed to ongoing professional development, Dr.Foong always stay connected with present development in dentistry.

Outside of his dental life, he balances his career with quality of life by being active in sports, diving and an organic lifestyle advocater.
Dr.Foong is a strong believer in contributing back to the community as he joined multiple medical mission trips every year serving the people in rural areas of Sabah with his forte.

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