Dental Surgeon

Dr Lee Wan Jye


Dr. Lee Wan Jye is locum dentist in DMH clinic. He is a caring and dedicated dentist with years of experience in various Government dental departments. Presently, he is developing his skill under the specialist supervision at the Restorative Department. He is intensively involved in root canal treatment, veneer, crown as well as bridge cases almost on a daily basis.

Besides, Dr. Lee is also well engaged in endodontics and prosthodontics courses. He expresses keen interest in up-dating himself with the latest technique and technology in order to render his best dental care service to all his patients.

In addition, Dr. Lee has had good experience in handling patients who need extraordinary attention, in particular, those with dental anxiety. He always patiently listen and evaluate the best option in resolving the dental needs of his clients. Even in attending to a simple dental treatment you are comforably assured to be in the good hands of Dr. Lee.

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